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How to improve sexual intercourse in marriage?

 Do not allow the sexual intercourse in marriage to become less excitable than the intercourse during your first years together. Make some effort between the sheets, its well worth it!

Sexual intercourse in marriage will be better if you forget that you married

It may be romantic to call your partner a wife or a husband for some time after the wedding, but in time the magic is gone. Soon enough the meaning of a spouse gets a boring connotation of routine. So, the key to an exciting sexual life lies in the fact that you do not perceive your wife or husband as a spouse but you sometimes pretend like you just met each other.

Go together on holidays, meet in a bar or a club and pretend like you just noticed each other for the first time. Bring to life the beginning of you romance. Encourage sexual role play between the sheets and do not think of your partner as an ally.

If you look at your wife from another point of view, for example a sexy blond with a good bottom and nice breasts, you will again find that basic desire you felt for her in the past. The same goes for women: do not satisfy yourself with an average sexual intercourse, but look at your husband as on someone who is worth the sin.

Maintain a sexual relationship

When you touch your partner do not think of your spouse as of your soul mate, because the relationship will soon turn to friendship and the passion will start to fade away.

Sexual intercourse in marriage will be good only if there is an erotic tension between the partners. To maintain or revive it, you need to pay more special attention to your partner, which means more than at the beginning.

Do not neglect the passion and dirty words, talking about your sexual fantasies, relaxing together. Maybe you can only afford this from time to time but in this case you should find time during your holidays, weekends and other spare moments.

Sexual intercourse in marriage should happen despite the troubles and lack of time

Even though you have children and other obligations, that is not an excuse to let your the sexual intercourse in marriage die off. Send your children to stay at your grandparents, hire a babysitter or decide for a short holiday for just the two of you. Make sure you have some time for intimacy during weekends, too. Explain to your children that the parents need some peace and quiet and let them play at your neighbors`, watch the TV or take a nap. It is very important to make your children accustomed to sleeping in their own room as soon as possible. This may sound cruel but it will help you to improve the quality of your sexual intercourse and its frequency. Do not avoid intercourse even when you are angry at each other or when you have marriage difficulties. If you exclude the intercourse you will drift further away from each other.

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The Things You Can Do After Sexual Intercourse

You should not fall asleep after sexual intercourse because there are many things you can do.

After sexual intercourse put away the condom

After sexual intercourse the condom is of course full of semen. Instead of letting it lie beside the bed or on the floor, where it does not look hygienic, you should wrap it up and put in in the trash can. This is especially important in case you have sexual intercourse with someone who is not your partner. In this way you remove the evidence and the partner will not find out you were cheating. Besides, a bed without used condoms lying on it looks more attractive and clean and also ready for new sexual intercourse.

Go to the toilet after the sexual intercourse

Lots of couples have the need to urinate after sexual intercourse and there`s nothing wrong with that. If you have to go, then go. Urinating after sexual intercourse is especially advisable for women because it protects from infections or bacteria. If you are still horny after sexual intercourse, you can continue and hold the urine on purpose, which will give you extra pleasure during penetration.

Have something to eat after sexual intercourse

If you are not a smoker, you will surely want to eat something after sexual intercourse. Have something light , let`s say a fruit or a candy. The food can also be a part of a new foreplay because you and your partner can eat it completely naked. Even if you are obsessed with cleanliness do not spoil the pleasure of eating in bed.

After sexual intercourse you can make the bed

If the sexual intercourse was wild and passionate, the bed is probably messy. Do not fall asleep on a bed like this. Make the bed, open the windows and let the fresh air in. The bed will look attractive again and ready for a new round.

After sexual intercourse take a shower together

Some couples like to lie in bed together and smell their partner`s sweat while others like to take a shower and freshen up. Why take a shower alone if you can do it together with your partner. It can be a great foreplay which will surely lead to new sexual intercourse.

After sexual intercourse have another one

It may sound a bit silly, but why would you have sexual intercourse only once if you can have it twice. If you are more horny that your partner, you can give initiative and start with a new foreplay.

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Benefits of Fingering and Foreplay is of the utmost importance to a woman.

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Fingering techniques that'll make her melt...

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Intimate Union


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The following sex positions are made for sensual sessions in
front of a log fire, love-ins in a four-poster bed, or making out
in a summer meadow… or the good old-fashioned bedroom.
They are chosen with romance, intimacy, and soul-melding
in mind. Think tantric rather than torrid.
Here you can sample the nose-to-nose cuteness of Butterflies
in Flight, the gloriously intimate Singing Monkey, and the
delights of the provocatively named Cat and Mouse Sharing
a Hole. But don’t rely on the position alone to keep up that
romantic intensity; continue with the smoldering eye contact
and fingertip caresses.
In the same way that you’d choose the right wine to go with
a delicious meal, choose the right sex strokes to go with the
position. For example, deep thrusting might work wonderfully
in The Stopperage, but be uncomfortable in Coitus from Behind.
You can extend your repertoire of sex strokes by learning some
ancient thrusting techniques in The Movements of Sex.

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Sex positions loved by women

Sex positions loved by women

1.      Women love sex. In fact, some women think about it just as often, if not more, then their male counterparts. They fantasize constantly and at great length..but somehow they are not always satisfied in bed. So what do they want...what do they desire. Check out!
2.      Attack her from behind. Gently press against her back. She will moan with desire.
3.      Kiss hard on her throat, then gradually slide down, She will moan with pleasure.
4.      Lay her down on the bed, spread her legs apart by sliding your knee between her thighs, place her wrists above her head and show her what you're made of. Women love displays of dominance in the bedroom, and this one can be either subtle or overt, making it suitable for nearly every woman out there.
5.      Most women love being on top for one simple reason: It makes them feel like they're in charge, and power is always a heady aphrodisiac.

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Benefits of Sexual Intercourse

  Sexual life is the focus of attention of many scientists who have reached numerous more or less applicable findings on the basis of long-lasting research. The undisputed fact is that sexual intercourse is healthy! Regular sexual intercourse reduces the chances of having a heart attack, strengthens muscles and improves blood circulation. At the same time, sexual intercourse works as an analgesic and antidepressant, reduces stress and has a positive effect on your appearance and general well-being.

If you have sexual intercourse often, you will live longer

American scientists at the Mayo Clinic achieved interesting results. Given their findings, sexual intercourse can prolong life for ten or even twenty years. It has been proven that sexually less active people die earlier, which was also confirmed by another study. Among people of similar age and health state, those who had more frequent orgasms are supposed to be twice less likely to die early than those who only had orgasms every leap year. A person who has at least a hundred orgasms a year can expect to prolong his or her life up to eight years and reduce the mortality rate by half.

Sexual pain relieves pain, stress and depression

During sexual intercourse, substantial quantities of endorphins, the happy hormones that reduce stress and create the feelings of euphoria, are rapidly released by your brain. Just before the climax, levels of the hormone oxytocin are increased by five times and the result is the release of incredible quantities of endorphins alleviating the pain caused by headaches, arthritis, migraines, etc. A migraine is also alleviated because pressure in the head is decreased during sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse also strengthens the bond between the partners and has a positive effect on self-confidence, positive thinking and optimism. A study even proved that sperm works as an antidepressant and another study concluded that women who have sexual intercourse without using condoms show fewer signs of depression than those who use protection. It’s an interesting fact that sexual intercourse affects the feeling of happiness more than money. People who have a more exciting sexual life are also supposed to sleep better.

Sexual intercourse makes you stronger, more beautiful and more attractive

Similar to sport or labor, sexual intercourse is a physical activity during which you use lots of energy. You can burn up to 400 calories during single sexual intercourse, which can be compared with a half an hour run on a treadmill. In addition, sexual intercourse strengthens the muscles of your buttocks, pelvis, thighs and abdomen. So, next time go to bed instead of a fitness studio. During sexual intercourse, the female body produces twice as much estrogen, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen, than normally. As a result, your hair is shining and your skin is soft. At the same time, sexual activity causes the release of large quantities of pheromones that subconsciously attract the opposite sex. Moreover, sexual intercourse also has a beneficial effect on your subconscious, making you more attractive.

Sexual intercourse strengthens your heart and immune system

The heart rate increases rapidly during sexual intercourse; it can rise from 70 heart beats per minute up to 150 heart beats. Sexual intercourse is therefore a great cardio workout. If you have sexual intercourse at least three times a week, you will reduce the chances of having a heart attack by 50%. Sexual intercourse also causes heavy and fast breathing, thus enriching the blood in your body with oxygen. The more frequent you have intercourse, the less prone you are to a cold, flu and other infections because having intercourse a few times a week contributes to elevated levels of your immunoglobulin antibodies that strengthen your immune resistance up to 30%. Sexual activity also contributes to higher levels of estrogen and testosterone. In women, estrogen protects the heart and reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis in the long term. In men, the hormone testosterone stimulates the growth of bones and muscle mass.

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The Kamasutra


The Kamasutra

The Kamasutra, written sometime in the 3rd century by a north Indian scholar called Vatsyayana Mallanaga, means literally, the Treatise on Pleasure. Kama is the Hindu God of Love. Kama also means desire. Sutra refers to a narrative, manual or guide. The KamaSutra is a classic guide to lovemaking, reflecting the social and sexual traditions of the times. Many consider the Kamasutra to be simply a manual of athletic sexual positions, but scholars view it as having more historical importance than a simple guide would have. It is a book about the art of living; about finding a partner, maintaining power in a marriage, and above all, it lays down the different positions in sexual intercourse. Thus Kamasutra is a guide towards sexual fantasy and satisfaction.

According to ancient Indian texts, man had 3 main goals in life - Dharma (duty and responsibility for your actions), Arta (gaining power through politics and wealth) and Kama (pleasure). Thus Vatsyayana in his book "Kamasutra" with the help of sensual poetry explained the technique of love-making and explored fantastic sexual positions.

Following are the categories of the art of love as enunciated and extracted from Vatsyayana's "Kamasutra".

The "Sitting" Positions

The "Standing" Positions

The "Rear-Entry" Positions

The "Woman on Top" Positions

The "Man on Top" Positions

The Kamasutra offers all manner of challenging positions. Vatsyayana has given the art of love making a dual responsibility and given both the sexes equal level of satisfaction. There are positions in the Kamasutra where woman-power is given lot of importance. Vatsyayana has given woman so much supremacy that she usurps the man's traditional leading role in love making and brings him under her control. Explore the following positions and find out for yourself.

The Kshudgaga Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"She sits with raised thighs,
her feet placed either side of your waist;
"linga" (penis) enters "yoni" (vagina);
you rain hard blows upon her body:
This is "Kshudgaga".
Thus in this position the woman sits astride the man with her feet positioned on either side of his waist and the man enters her with hard blows. This position gives very limited scope of penetration and enjoyment and can be adopted only initially to heighten the mood and passion.

The Padma Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If, sitting facing her,
you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain
behind your neck, and she
grips her toes as you make love,
it is the delightful "Padma" (The Lotus)."
In this position the woman has to sit on the man's lap facing him and the man lifts the woman's ankles which he positions behind his neck. He then proceeds to enter her while she grabs hold of her feet and helps the thrusting motion. This is no doubt a position which needs lot of practice, skills and flexibility. In this position stimulation of the man's lingam and the woman's yoni is at its peak and besides the man can make good use his hands and explore the woman's body.

The Kaurma Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If, seated face to face,
your toes caress the lovely woman's nipples,
her feet press your chest
and you make love holding each other's hands
It is "Kaurma", the Tortoise."
This is an extremely intimate and sensuous position in which touching and eye-contact is very important. The partners face each other in a seated position with their feet on each other's chest and the man's lingam firmly inside the woman's yoni. The man uses his toes to caress the woman's breast while the partners hold their hands firmly giving the much required rhythm and control in the penetration. This position also requires lot of practice and skill.

The Dolita Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Sitting face to face in bed,
her breasts pressed tight against your chest,
let each of you lock heels
behind the other's waist,
and lean back clasping one another's wrists.

Now, set the swing gently in motion,
your beloved, in pretended fear,
clinging to your body with her flawless limbs,
cooing and moaning with pleasure:
this is "Dolita" (The Swing)."
This position is basically about togetherness and being physically intimate. The penetration and thrusts here is almost negligent because of the peculiarity of the position. In this position the partners sit face to face in bed, with the woman's breasts pressing tight against the man's chest, their heels locked behind each other's waist. In this position the man and the woman lean back clasping each other wrists and then swing gently with the man's lingam ensconced inside the woman's yoni.

The Samdamsha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Grip your lover's penis with your yoni's vice,
squeezing and stroking it,
and holding it inside for a hundred heart-beats
This is "Samdamsha".

This is a position where Vatsyanana gives absolute power and control to the woman. The man in this position literally has to sit back and enjoy while the woman has to do all the hard work. In this position the woman enjoys all the supremacy and can control the thrusts and penetration. Thus in this position the woman has to sit on the man's lap and she holds the man's penis in a vice-like grip and skillfully manipulates its movement inside her till and controls the thrusts and penetration.

One more position is when the man sits on the chair while the woman sits on one of his thighs and guides his penis inside her. With the woman in control, this position offers maximum pleasure to her. The man can maneuver things in such a way that ensures maximum stimulation for his partner's yoni and can also stimulate her clitoris and explore her body with his free hands. One disadvantage of this position is that penetration can never be very deep and satisfactory.

Vatsyayana had taken care of almost all situations and all positions of love making. For those couple who are in a hurry and don't have the time and opportunity to get into bed standing positions of sexual ecstasy is very helpful. These positions are not only adventures and sensual but you also require lots of skill and flexibility to perform them. In these positions both the partners have to be very active and are equals in the art of love making.

The Sthita Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"When a couple makes love standing,
or leaning against a wall or a pillar,
it is called "Sthita" (Steadied)."

In this position, the two partners stand facing each other. Initially lot of oral sex is required to stimulate one another and get in the mood. The Sage advices that only when the woman is sufficiently excited and stimulated for the coitus to be smooth, the man should go in for penetration. If the woman is short she can stand on a stool and raise herself to the height of the man in order to help penetration. If you cant get hold of a stool then the man can lean against a wall while the woman puts her arms around his neck and the man can lifts her by the thighs or locks his hands under her buttocks.

The Avalambitaka Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"When the woman sits in her lover's
cradled hands, her arms around his neck,
thighs gripping his waist,
her feet pushing back and forth against a wall,
it is "Avalambitaka" (Suspended)."

In this position the man has to be muscular enough to support the woman's weight. The penetration and movement can be controlled by the feet pushing a wall behind and in other words the woman has to control the rhythm and penetration. This position is very adventurous and the couple can have lots of fun experimenting.

The Sammukha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"When she leans against a wall,
planting her feet as widely apart as possible,
and you enter the cave
between her thighs, eager for lovemaking,
it is "Sammukha" (Face-to-face)."

This position is similar to "Sthita" only difference is here the woman has to take the support of a wall and try to spread her legs as wide as possible in order to make way for her man to enter her. Shorter women may stand on a stool. This position gives maximum penetration and is very satisfying and enjoyable.

The Dola Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If, as you lean against the wall,
your lady twines her thighs around yours,
locks her feet to your knees,
and clasps your neck, making love
very passionately, it is "Dola" (the Swing)."
In this position once the woman places herself and holds you properly for support the man has to enter her. In this position penetration cant be very deep but you can still enjoy this position immensely. This position gives lot of togetherness and intimacy to the couple.

The Tripadam Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If you catch one of her knees
firmly in your hand
and stand making love with her
while her hands explore and caress your body,
it is "Tripadam" (the Tripod)."

This position is meant for the couples who are more or less of the same height because the woman has to balance herself on one feet and love making can be quite passionate and vigorous therefore standing on stool can be a risky job. In this position penetration cant be very deep but you can still enjoy this position immensely.

The Dvitala Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If you lean back to a wall
and your lover, clinging to your neck,
places both her feet
in your palms and thus makes love,
this is "Dvitala" (Two Palms)."
This is a very athletic position and should be tried only strong and muscular men and slim women. In this position the woman has to balance herself on the palms of her lover and hold him tightly for support. The man then lifts her and holds her in such a position where he will be able to enter her and also give the proper rhythm for penetration. This is a very difficult position and once you attain perfection it can be a very enjoyable position.

The Janukurpara Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If you lift your lover
by passing your elbows under her knees
and gripping her buttocks
while she hangs fearfully from your neck,
it is "Janukurpara" (the Knee Elbow)."

In this position the woman literally hangs from her lover's neck while the man holds her and makes love to her. This is also a very difficult position and not meant to be tried with heavy women.

In this segment of positions Vatsyayana took the help of animal's way of love making as an inspiration and laid down positions which are not only sensuous but also give lots of stimulation to the sex organs and makes penetration deeper and enjoyable. One of the basic positions in this set is the Svanaka (dog) position. In these positions the man can make proper use of his hands and can also caress his lover's body while making passionate love to her.

The Svanaka Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If you mount her like a dog, gripping her waist,
and she twists round to gaze into your face,
experts in the art of love say it is "Svanaka".
This position resembles that of a dog in the act of love making. In this position, from an upright position, the woman bends forward with her hands touching the ground. The man then proceeds to penetrate her from behind using a pronounced mounting action. The woman bends fully forward taking the support of a cushion. This position gives a very high degree of penetration. And above all it requires a lot of flexibility on the part of the female.

The Kulisha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Seize her feet and lift them high
(like a wheel barrow),
drive your penis into her yoni
and pleasure her with vigorous strokes:
this is "Kulisha".
Just as the poetry denotes this is an immensely difficult position and should be tried only if you are agile and up to it. In this position the man catches hold of the woman's feet and lifts them up and stretches them in such a way that he gets a clear passage into her yoni. Then holding her like that he drives his lingam into her and with firm strokes makes love to her deeply and passionately. Kulisha literally means "The Thunderbolt". It is called "Thunderbolt" because in this position the woman is as if stuck by a thunderbolt as the man virtually rams into her completely unimpeded.

The Dhenuka Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"She bends well forward and grips
the bedstead, her buttocks raised high;
cup your hands to serpents' hoods
and squeeze her jar-shaped breasts together:
and mount her like a bull:
this is "Dhenuka" (The Milch Cow)."

In this position the woman bends forward and grips some hard object like a bedstead or a table to give her support and stability. The man then mounts her like a cow and enters her from behind. He can also make use of his hands and caress the woman's breasts. The best thing about this position is that it offers maximum stimulation and satisfaction to both the man and the woman.

The Hirana Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If the lady, eager for love,
goes on all fours, humping her back like a doe,
and you enjoy her from behind,
rutting as though you'd lost all human nature,
it is "Hirana" (The Deer)."

From all the rear entry positions one thing is clear that Vatsyayana was heavily influenced by the form in which animals make love. In this position the woman goes down on all fours like that of a Deer and offers herself to the man to enter her from behind and make love to her. This position also provides maximum stimulation and penetration and is enjoyable to both the sexes.

The Gardabha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"When, with lotus-feet
set well-apart on the ground, she bends,
placing a hand upon each thigh,
and you take her from the rear,
it is "Gardabha" (The Ass)."

This position has been derived from the Ass, though it is quite strange why this position is named on the Ass. Anyways, like all the other rear entry positions, this position also provides maximum stimulation and penetration. In this position the woman stands with legs drawn wide apart and bends down placing her hands on her thighs and offers herself to her man who enters her from behind making love deeply and passionately.

The Marjara Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If she lies on her stomach
and you seize her ankles in one hand,
lift them high and make love,
tilting her chin back with your other hand,
it is "Marjara" (The Cat)."

This is a very acrobatic position and is recommended for couples who are fit and agile and are obsessed with experimentation. In this position the woman has to lie on her stomach while the man has to seize her ankles in one hand and lift them high up in order to enter her and make love to her.

The Traivikrama Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"She stands on palms and feet;
you stand behind her
and lift one of her feet to your shoulder,
enjoying the lovely girl:
this is "Traivikrama" (The Stride)."

In this position the woman has to be flexible and energetic in order to balance herself on one feet and also to take the thrusts on her man. The woman has to bend down placing herself firmly on the ground while the man lifts one of her feet and places it on his shoulder and enters her making love to her deeply and passionately. This position also gives maximum penetration and satisfaction.

The Elephant Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
When your mistress lays
breasts, arms and forehead to the carpet,
raising her buttocks high,
and you guide your penis into her yoni,
it is "Aibha" (The Elephant).

You lift her ankles high;
she draws up
and extends her legs as though she were
crawling through the air:
this is "Hastika" (The Elephant).

These are the two different Elephant positions explained by Vatsyayana. In the first "Aibha" position the woman sinks gently to the ground with the man atop in such a way that he completely covers her. The woman then parts her legs to allow the man to enter her and then closes her legs around his penis after he is firmly trapped inside her to make love gently and deeply. In the second "Hastika" position the woman derives maximum pleasure because this position allows very good stimulation of the frontal walls of the vagina and the G-spot. The man can also take good use of his hands and thus caress the womans breasts and clitoris and thus stimulate her even more. This position should not be tried by woman who are frail and men who are very fat because the woman might get crushed by the weight of the man on top of her.

Vatsyayana in his book has given man and woman equal opportunities to derive maximum pleasure. In some positions the woman has to lie back and enjoy while the man does all the hard work while in other positions the man derives all the pleasure without doing anything at all. While in few positions both the partners have to equally involve themselves in the art of love making to derive maximum pleasure. The "Woman on Top" positions in the Kamasutra, are clearly oriented towards providing the man with maximum pleasure without having to really work for it.

The Vadavaka Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"When, like a mare
Cruelly gripping a stallion,
Your lover traps and milks your penis
With her vagina,
It is "Vadavaka" (The Mare's Trick)
Which can only be perfected with long practice."

Just as the poem denotes the woman in this position has all the power and control on her partner while her partner has to just lie back and enjoy. In this position the woman has to ride her partner and has to keep the stimulation constant with her pubococygeus muscles in order to milk her man. It gives the woman maximum pleasure and with practice she can give more pleasure to her man.

The Virsha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Lie flat on your back
with legs stretched out:
while you beloved sits astride you,
facing away, grasping your feet
This is Virsha (the Bull)"
This is among the set of positions in the Kamasutra that are suited only for experts in the game of love. In this position the woman sits on her lover facing away from him griping his feet to help control the stimulation and rhythm. She guides his lingam into her yoni and does what is called a reverse intercourse. This is a very difficult position and only practice can help achieve the desired satisfaction.

The Lilasana Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"She places both her hands on the bed,
enthroned on your penis and
makes love to you,
while you press your two hands
to her thudding heart
This is Lilasana."

In this position, the woman sits astride the man and guides his penis into her while resting her hands on the bed to support and moves herself up and down for stimulation and deeper penetration. The man can make best use of his hands to stroke her breasts and maybe to pace her movements. To achieve maximum benefit from this position the woman has to be very experienced and should be able to control the movements and thrusts. This position gives very deeper penetration to the woman and she can control the movements in order to help her climax because it gives lots of stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot.

The Bhramara Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If, drawing up her feet,
she revolves her hips
so that your penis circles deep
within her yoni,
you arching your body to help her,
it is "Bhramara".

In this position the man is seated with his legs unfolded while the woman sits astride him slowly guiding his penis inside her. The man accompanies the movement by raising his buttocks and his thighs. Optionally the man can place his back against the wall for better support. The woman can kneel instead of sitting down in order to be able to lean more easily into him. In this position, the woman controls the penetration depth better that in the other positions by guiding her movements with firm thrusts of her buttocks. This position gives very deeper penetration to the woman and she can control the movements in order to help her climax because it gives lots of stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot.

The Man on Top position commonly known as the missionary position is the most widely used from times immemorial and gives the best possible enjoyment and penetration. Sage Vatsyayana has made these positions more exciting and pleasant by his sheer brilliant expressions and imaginations. If one reads carefully through all outlined positions in this category, it is evident that what Vatsyayana promotes constantly is for the man and woman to strive for maximum contact of the organs.

The Ratipasha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"If, encircling and trapping
her thighs with yours,
you grip so hard that
she cries out in pain,
it is "Ratipasha"
a device most charming to the ladies."

The Ratipasha position, also dubbed Love's Noose entails not much more than a hardening of the basic grip by the man while he's on top of the woman. In this position while giving maximum thrusts the man puts additional pressure on the woman by his thighs as he clutches the woman. The woman feels the strain of the man's thigh hug but the heightened pleasure she goes through nullifies that. Not a very recommended position because not every woman derives pleasure through pain.

The Uthkanta Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Lift the lady's feet until her soles
lie perfectly parallel,
one to each side of her slender throat,
cup her breasts and enjoy her:
this technique is "Uthkanta" (Throat-high)."

In this position the woman's yoni is completely exposed in such a manner that the man enters her forcefully getting very deep penetration and stimulation. The man lifts the woman's leg to such an extent that they are held parallel to her ears and her yoni is completely exposed and is ready for penetration. Simultaneously with the same grip he holds and caresses her breasts and then enters her making love to her passionately and deeply. This is a mutually rewarding position with both the man and the woman getting maximum exposure to each other's sexual parts. Consequently, stimulation for both is very high and this is a highly enjoyable position.

The Ratisundara Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Catch hold of her two feet,
raising them till they press upon her breasts
and her legs form a rough circle.
Clasp her neck and make love to her:
this is "Ratisundara" (Aphrodite's Delight)."

In this kind of missionary position the woman has to be very flexible and agile. The man has to lift the woman's leg high up in such a way that it touches her breasts forming a semi circle. The man then proceeds to enter her by clasping her neck. In this position like all the other Man on Top positions, the man as well as the woman, reach the pinnacle of satisfaction and pleasure.

The Vyomapada Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Your lovely wife, lying on the bed,
grasps her own feet
and draws them up until they reach her hair;
you catch her breasts and make love:
this is "Vyomapada" (Sky-foot)."
Another variation in the basic missionary position is the Vyomapada position wherein the woman lifts her feet and draws them back until they reach her hair exposing her yoni to the man. The man enters her forcefully caressing and playing with her breasts. In this position also penetration is very deep and it is a very enjoyable position. As is routine in such positions, the woman needs to be supple so that her legs can be pushed back without causing undue inconvenience.

The Manmathpriya Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"She lies flat on her back,
you sit between her parted knees, raise them,
hook her feet over your thighs,
catch hold of her breasts, and enjoy her:
this is "Manmathpriya" (Dear to Cupid)."

In all the missionary positions Vatsyayana's basic objective was to ensure that stimulation and penetration is deep and intense. In these positions the woman though has to lie back and enjoy but also has to give utmost co-operation and exposure to her man so that he can enter her and satisfy her to the fullest. In this position also the man raises the womans parted keens and hooks her feet over his thighs thereby completely exposing her yoni for the penetration. He can then enter her and at the same time caress her breasts giving her divine pleasure.

The Devabandha Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Her breasts stab your chest,
her thighs are stretched out along yours,
you clasp each other's hands and lie sprawled,
like two starfish making love.
This is Devabandha."

The Devabandha position is a fairly routine position described with more aesthetic gusto in the Kamasutra. In this position the man lies sprawled across the woman, both with their arms and legs extended, her breasts digging into the man's chest thereby both achieving maximum pleasure from this contact.

The Samputa Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"In Samputa your legs lie along hers
caressing their whole length from toes to thighs.
Your lover may be below you,
or you may both lie on your sides,
in which case she should always be on your left."

This position is more preferred by men who have small penis because it gives them the required deepness and stimulation. The position is simple and very natural. The woman lies on her back while the man enters her from on top. The Sage also gives an alternate position which is from the side, most preferable the woman should be on your left. While the man is lying on his partner, by supporting himself on his elbows and knees he ensures the woman doesn't get crushed.

The Gramya Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"When she lies on her back
with her two thighs pressed tightly together
and you make love to her,
keeping your thighs outside hers,
it is "Gramya".

In this position foreplay is a must in order to get the woman lubricating because in this position the woman's yoni is not fully exposed to the man and entering her will be difficult if the woman is dry. This is a fairly basic position in which the woman lies on her back with her thighs closed tight and the man enters her and remains locked during the duration of the love making. This position is therefore called the rustic position.

The Madandhvaja Position
Vatsyayana describes this position as follows:
"Grasping the ankles
of the round hipped woman, whose buttocks
are like two ripe gourds,
raise her beautiful thighs
and spread the thigh-joints widely.
Full of desire, saying sweet words,
approach her with your body stiff as a pole
and drive straight forward
to pierce her lotus and join your limbs:
experts call it "Madandhvaja" (The Flag of Cupid)."

This is a very stimulating and satisfactory position wherein the man grasps the ankles of the woman, simultaneously raising and spreading her thighs wide to enter her from behind. Though this position need a bit of expertise to perform it but once you get the hang of the position it is very enjoyable for the man because he can control the thrusts and the penetration.

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Six things that spoil sexual intercourse for women!


  Every woman can tell you about the things that she doesn’t wants her partner to perform during sexual intercourse. What are the most common ones?

Aggressive fingers
Men sometimes get slightly tired during sexual intercourse or they want to change the action. If they use their tongue instead of their penis in such a case, it’s all right. If the penis is replaced by aggressive fingers, this sometimes isn’t so pleasant. Dear men, don’t think that hard and wild penetration with your fingers is as pleasant as hard and wild penetration with your penis. The penis doesn’t have knuckles, rings and nails, which can be painful for a gentle vagina. If you decide to use your fingers, be as gentle as possible.

Dirty penis
Some men may think their penis doesn’t need to be washed as thoroughly as the vagina, but they’re totally wrong. It’s best that you check whether your penis is clean, fresh and scented, as well as your testes and the tip of your penis, each time before you have sex. These areas reveal the traces of your activities during the whole day, every time you passed urine and sweated heavily. It’s this odour of the penis that’s stops many women from performing oral sex.

If it takes too long
Yes, it’s true. Although it’s generally thought that women don’t like ‘short-track’ men, sometimes ‘long-track’ men also don’t make them dizzy from sex. At times, sex becomes boring and painful if it lasts too long. Many men will probably think now: “It’s bad if sex is too short and it’s bad if sex is too long… who could please you!” However, that isn’t the case. If you’re the type of guy who likes to please his woman in bed to the maximum, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. If you like to help your partner achieve more than one orgasm with long-lasting sex, don’t doubt your abilities of a good lover. Nevertheless, when sex takes a long time, make sure that it doesn’t become monotonous and more similar to suffering than pleasure.

Fellatio that lasts too long
Let’s leave aside the time when your partner doesn’t want slightly prolonged foreplay. We’re talking about oral sex that turns from pleasure into hard work if a man wants solely fellatio without any hand massage of his penis or licking of his testes. Some men often like to think that long-lasting fellatio also indicates their long-lasting endurance and strong erection, while women feel an unpleasant pain in their jaws and neck if they perform fellatio too long. Or as Samantha from the Sex and the City series says: “They don’t call it a job for nothing.”

Silent sex
Sometime men are so quiet during sexual intercourse that, together with the silence of a woman, they could listen to flies in the room. Dear men, don’t do that because your partner can take your reservations and silence as the sign that you don’t like to have sex with her at all. Make sounds of pleasure and moaning sounds while you lick her vagina and relax completely and breathe heavily as much as you want during sexual intercourse. There’s nothing wrong if you sometimes whisper a naughty sentence to her ear or pay her a sexy compliment during sex.

Pornographic sex following the model of driving a nail into something
It’s normal that sometimes you like to have wild, uncontrolled, spontaneous, rough and brutal sex. But that certainly doesn’t mean the pornographic sex during which viewers fall asleep because it literally involves monotonous and heartless thrusting. If you nevertheless like to have sex following the model of driving a nail into something with a hammer, you rather perform it with an irregular rhythm, changing from slowly to fast. If you want to make things even more interesting, you can play the game where you tease her only ssssssith the tip of her penis for a while.

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Strengthen your chakras for better sexual intercourse


Strengthen the chakras to increase endurance during sexual intercourse and intensify your orgasms.

What are chakras?
The word chakra stems from Sanskrit and means wheel/disc. Chakras were first mentioned in the Upanishads, which were passed by word of mouth from generation to generation for a thousand years before being written down around 1200 to 900 BC. In simple terms – chakras are energy whirlpools which lie along our spine on the energy body and are responsible for physical functions of the organs that are in the vicinity.
There are seven main chakras: the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base chakra.

Svadisthana and Muladhara chakras
Even though Svadisthana is the chakra that’s mostly connected to sexuality, the base chakra is very close, only about the length of two fingers underneath it. The flow of energy has to be good through the base chakra in order for the sacral (sexual) chakra to even happen.
The sacral chakra is situated below the bellybutton and just above the genitals. It’s connected to the reproductive organs, ovaries, prostate and tongue. This part is also connected to the subconscious, emotions, learning and creativity.
Situated two fingers beneath it, somewhere on the last vertebra, is the base chakra or Muladhara, which is connected to the anus and legs – if your feet are always cold or you feel you don’t have any roots, you don’t feel safe, this means that your Muladhara is weak.

The basic exercise for strengthening the base chakra: Mula bandha
Sit in a comfortable position. Before starting the exercise, exhale all the air out of your lungs. Pull the muscles of the pelvic floor up to the bellybutton. First, try squeezing the anal and genital muscles, then pull your crotch upwards. Inhale and count to six (or ten, depending on how long your lungs allow it) and exhale for six seconds. Repeat the exercise five to ten times.
Exercise for the sacral chakra: Vajroli/sahjoli mudra
Vajroli mudra is an exercise performed by men. When they master it, they should be able to keep all their sexual energy even if ejaculation occurs. The exercise is similar to the previous one, but with the addition of breathing and visualization.
Sit comfortably (“Indian style”), your hands are on your thighs. Vajroli mudra actually means squeezing the muscles to hold urine; so pay attention to the sphincter near the pubic bone at the base of the penis. Breathe in through the nose, pull the energy upwards on the spine; hold your breath at the brow chakra, the “third eye”, and pull your sexual organs up by contracting the muscles of your pelvic floor and the muscles in the lower part of the stomach: you’ll know you’re on the right track because the head of the penis is raised every time. Repeat the contractions ten times and hold your breath while doing it. Breathe out through the nose during the tenth repetition, then inhale slowly and relax. This exercise awakens Svadisthana and increases potency.

The female variety, sahjoli, features an exercise similar to Kegel exercises, with the breathing being the same as described above. The exercises supposedly help preserve sexual energy and you get more intense orgasms as a “side product”. Even if you don’t believe in chakras, the increased blood flow to the genitals can’t harm you, but it can heighten your sensitivity and increase your pleasure and endurance. 

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The sexual energy massage is an integral part of Bone Marrow Breathing. It stimulates the production of sexual energy and releases this potent energy into the body. It promotes the flow of blood on the genital region. It can keep prostate problem away from men and help alleviate menstrual problems in woman. The sexual massage techniques are completely different for men and woman, so we will cover them separately. For men the techniques involve massage of the sexual organ. For women It involves techniques for massaging the breasts.
We begin the sexual energy massage for men with techniques for massaging the testicles and the seminal ducts. Before doing any massaging, you should first direct energy down into the testicles. A simple and effective method of doing this follows.
Scrotal Compression
  • 1.     Inhale a full abdominal breath, expanding the lower abdomen and filling the lungs from the bottom to the top, until it seems that you can’t get any more air in.
  • 2.     Fill your mouth  with air and swallow the air with a gulping sound and compress(push) into your solar plexus area.
  • 3.     Swallow another breath of air and compress energy into your naval.
  • 4.     Swallow a third breath of air and compress(push) energy down into your testicles.
  • 5.     Squeeze your perineum and anus ( but not your testicles) to prevent loss of energy. Hold for 10 seconds then relax. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

Massaging the testicles with the fingers
1.     Hold your left testicles in the finger tips of your left hand. Your thumb  is on the top of the testicles and the other fingers are on the bottom.
2.      Massage the bottom of the left testicle with your index, middle and ring finger with small circular motions. Do both clockwise and counterclockwise.
3.     Massage the top of the left testicle with small circular movements of your thumb. Do both clockwise and counterclockwise.
4.     Repeat with the right testicle, or do both testicles simultaneously.
5.     Hold a testicle in the fingertips of each hand, pull the testicles apart about an inch or so, and roll each testicle around in the fingertips in both directions.
Massaging the testicles with the palms
1.     Do scrotal compression and compress energy into the testicles and rub your palms together until they are hot.
2.     Cup both testicles in the palm of either your right or left hand.
3.     Circle the the palm and testicles clockwise 9,24,36 times.  Do not squeeze.
4.     Change hands and circle counterclockwise the same number of times  as in step 3.
5.     Sandwich both testicle between the left and right palm, pushing your penis out of the way.
6.     Gently massage your testicles between your palms.
7.     Pull the testicles outward as they are sandwiched between the two palms , then let them slip out.
Massaging and stretching the seminal ducts
These techniques will clear the seminal ducts of any obstructions and blockages and generally strengthen them. Ducts are thin , slippery and might remind you of worms. There are two basic techniques to use.
 1.    Massage up and down the ducts very gently, massaging between your thumb and index or middle finger.
2.     Gently pull down on each duct to stretch them. Hold the duct just at the top of each testicle as you play.

The primary female sexual energy massage is the breast massage. Massaging  the breast activates the sexual energy in the ovaries. Every egg cell in the ovaries is covered with thousands of fine, hairlike cilia. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, it is partially a result of these cilia starting to vibrate rapidly. This rapid vibration of the cilia is what causes feelings of sexual energy to begin to emanate from the ovaries. This stimulates your entire sexual region, including your clitoris. This in turn activates the energy of other glands and prgans in the body as the the sea of ten thousand fathoms, your sexual energy rising, floods your whole body. There are many glands relating  to this sexual energy massage such as  the pituitary gland, pineal gland,endocrine gland,  thyroid gland and female hypothalamus etc. The thyroid gland regulates our rate of metabolism, while the parathyroid controls the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body. When both are stimulated ,our ability to speak and communicate improves. The thymus gland shrinks as we age. This thyroid gland is the key to the body’s immune system functioning properly and is the gland of rejuvenation. The adrenal gland’s prime function is to regulate the heart beat and control the “ fight or flight” reflex. When stimulated ,they help to pump sexual energy up the spine to the brain. This increases your sense of pleasure and arousal.
Massaging the gland’s prime function  with sexual energy
  • 1.      Begin  seated . Raise  the tip of the your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  • 2.     Inhale an abdominal breath . Lightly close the lips of your vagina and pull up on the left and right sides of your anus and direct energy to your left and right nipples.
  • 3.     As you inhale, rub your hands together until warm.
  • 4.     Place the index , middle , and ring finger  of each hand over your nipple. Right fingers over right nipple and left fingers on left nipple. The second joint of the middle fingers should be directly over the nipples. Cup the outside of your breasts with your palms.
  • 5.     Circle and massage each breast over and around the nipple, first circle outward and then reserve and circle inward.
  • 6.     You should start feeling your clitoris becoming aroused. The clitoris corresponds with the pineal gland. Feel sexual energy ( sexual sensation) rise to the top of your head (the crown point) . This is the location of  the pineal gland as well as the hypothalamus and thalamus gland.
  • 7.     Return your attention to your breasts, continue massaging your nipples and move your attention to the pituitary gland in the third eye region just behind and slightly above the bridge of your nose . You might feel some pressure in your forehead.
  • 8.     Return your attention to your breasts bringing with it the combined energy of the pineal and pituitary glands. Continue massaging your nipples and move your attention and sexual nergy to the thyroid and parathyroid glands in your throat. Feel these glands expand as if they are blossoming.
  • 9.     Return your attention to your breasts bringing with it the combined energy of the pineal ,pituitary , thyroid and parathyroid glands. Continue massaging your nipples and move your attention and the sexual energy to the thymus gland underneath the upper part of your breastbone . feel your thymus gland expand as if it was bolossoming
  • 10.Return your attention to your breasts bringing with it the combined energies of all the glands. Continue massaging your nipples and move your attention and the sexual energy to the pancreas which runs across the middle of your torso just below the solar plexus.
  • 11.   And many more massage theraphy  are there in order to energize sexual desire.