Sunday, 6 January 2013

Six things that spoil sexual intercourse for women!


  Every woman can tell you about the things that she doesn’t wants her partner to perform during sexual intercourse. What are the most common ones?

Aggressive fingers
Men sometimes get slightly tired during sexual intercourse or they want to change the action. If they use their tongue instead of their penis in such a case, it’s all right. If the penis is replaced by aggressive fingers, this sometimes isn’t so pleasant. Dear men, don’t think that hard and wild penetration with your fingers is as pleasant as hard and wild penetration with your penis. The penis doesn’t have knuckles, rings and nails, which can be painful for a gentle vagina. If you decide to use your fingers, be as gentle as possible.

Dirty penis
Some men may think their penis doesn’t need to be washed as thoroughly as the vagina, but they’re totally wrong. It’s best that you check whether your penis is clean, fresh and scented, as well as your testes and the tip of your penis, each time before you have sex. These areas reveal the traces of your activities during the whole day, every time you passed urine and sweated heavily. It’s this odour of the penis that’s stops many women from performing oral sex.

If it takes too long
Yes, it’s true. Although it’s generally thought that women don’t like ‘short-track’ men, sometimes ‘long-track’ men also don’t make them dizzy from sex. At times, sex becomes boring and painful if it lasts too long. Many men will probably think now: “It’s bad if sex is too short and it’s bad if sex is too long… who could please you!” However, that isn’t the case. If you’re the type of guy who likes to please his woman in bed to the maximum, there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. If you like to help your partner achieve more than one orgasm with long-lasting sex, don’t doubt your abilities of a good lover. Nevertheless, when sex takes a long time, make sure that it doesn’t become monotonous and more similar to suffering than pleasure.

Fellatio that lasts too long
Let’s leave aside the time when your partner doesn’t want slightly prolonged foreplay. We’re talking about oral sex that turns from pleasure into hard work if a man wants solely fellatio without any hand massage of his penis or licking of his testes. Some men often like to think that long-lasting fellatio also indicates their long-lasting endurance and strong erection, while women feel an unpleasant pain in their jaws and neck if they perform fellatio too long. Or as Samantha from the Sex and the City series says: “They don’t call it a job for nothing.”

Silent sex
Sometime men are so quiet during sexual intercourse that, together with the silence of a woman, they could listen to flies in the room. Dear men, don’t do that because your partner can take your reservations and silence as the sign that you don’t like to have sex with her at all. Make sounds of pleasure and moaning sounds while you lick her vagina and relax completely and breathe heavily as much as you want during sexual intercourse. There’s nothing wrong if you sometimes whisper a naughty sentence to her ear or pay her a sexy compliment during sex.

Pornographic sex following the model of driving a nail into something
It’s normal that sometimes you like to have wild, uncontrolled, spontaneous, rough and brutal sex. But that certainly doesn’t mean the pornographic sex during which viewers fall asleep because it literally involves monotonous and heartless thrusting. If you nevertheless like to have sex following the model of driving a nail into something with a hammer, you rather perform it with an irregular rhythm, changing from slowly to fast. If you want to make things even more interesting, you can play the game where you tease her only ssssssith the tip of her penis for a while.

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