Sunday, 6 January 2013

Advantage of Good Sex


I am telling you the Advantage of Good Sex:-

1. Do you know? Weight can be controlled by making sex because having good sex burns calories.
2. An average of 85 calories is used during a 30 minutes period of sex.
3. Well sex is good fun so why stop at 30 mins while you remain active minimum for an hour at the same time you can lose 170 calories.
4. It will help you to be active, healthy and rejuvenated for the day or lifelong.
5. Sexual energy to strengthen your bones, regenerate your marrow, burns out the fat and increase your red and white blood cells.
6. Stress and monotony of your life can be relieved or lowered by doing this.
7. It is the best way to have fun and spare the leisure by making love literally.
8. It never lets you down before anyone   ,on the contrary  you will get a new confidence.
9. You are getting irritated day by day, I think Lack of proper organism (satisfaction) is /may be the reason. I have seen many people especially woman suffers from irritation for Lack of proper organism by their partner. If you want your beauty  or glamour back , you need to do it grammatically.

N.B. Sexual Energy is the Energy of Life.

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