Sunday, 6 January 2013


    Do you want to know about this, Ok I am going to recite a few lines—
      If you want to enjoy sex, keep a few things in mind,
      Hurry and worry will spoil your curry, is the rule divine.
     The most psychic orgasms which mankind can taste,
      The most swooning pleasure are never found in haste.
      Some like free sex, others like restraint,
      To satisfy sex longing, they go to any extent.
       History is full of many sex chivalries,
       And also full of many sex rivalries.
       People spend a lot of time to attain sexual enjoyment,
       Can  spend a lot of time to attain sexual enjoyment.
       Sex , even in dreams, gives very sweet enjoyment,
       Many people masturbate to repeat that enjoyment.
       When sex is so important in human life,
       Why remain ignorant, you and your wife?
       The real elixir of life which humans can taste,
        Is tasted by those who wisely enjoy their mate.
        Sex is the most powerful urge in human-kind,
        Some people hide it , some are open in mind.
       Oral sex is also important to enjoy sex,
       Playing with sensitive parts is called oral sex.
       Oral sex is very safe, no fear of AIDS/It can keep both the patners free from AIDS.

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