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The sexual energy massage is an integral part of Bone Marrow Breathing. It stimulates the production of sexual energy and releases this potent energy into the body. It promotes the flow of blood on the genital region. It can keep prostate problem away from men and help alleviate menstrual problems in woman. The sexual massage techniques are completely different for men and woman, so we will cover them separately. For men the techniques involve massage of the sexual organ. For women It involves techniques for massaging the breasts.
We begin the sexual energy massage for men with techniques for massaging the testicles and the seminal ducts. Before doing any massaging, you should first direct energy down into the testicles. A simple and effective method of doing this follows.
Scrotal Compression
  • 1.     Inhale a full abdominal breath, expanding the lower abdomen and filling the lungs from the bottom to the top, until it seems that you can’t get any more air in.
  • 2.     Fill your mouth  with air and swallow the air with a gulping sound and compress(push) into your solar plexus area.
  • 3.     Swallow another breath of air and compress energy into your naval.
  • 4.     Swallow a third breath of air and compress(push) energy down into your testicles.
  • 5.     Squeeze your perineum and anus ( but not your testicles) to prevent loss of energy. Hold for 10 seconds then relax. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

Massaging the testicles with the fingers
1.     Hold your left testicles in the finger tips of your left hand. Your thumb  is on the top of the testicles and the other fingers are on the bottom.
2.      Massage the bottom of the left testicle with your index, middle and ring finger with small circular motions. Do both clockwise and counterclockwise.
3.     Massage the top of the left testicle with small circular movements of your thumb. Do both clockwise and counterclockwise.
4.     Repeat with the right testicle, or do both testicles simultaneously.
5.     Hold a testicle in the fingertips of each hand, pull the testicles apart about an inch or so, and roll each testicle around in the fingertips in both directions.
Massaging the testicles with the palms
1.     Do scrotal compression and compress energy into the testicles and rub your palms together until they are hot.
2.     Cup both testicles in the palm of either your right or left hand.
3.     Circle the the palm and testicles clockwise 9,24,36 times.  Do not squeeze.
4.     Change hands and circle counterclockwise the same number of times  as in step 3.
5.     Sandwich both testicle between the left and right palm, pushing your penis out of the way.
6.     Gently massage your testicles between your palms.
7.     Pull the testicles outward as they are sandwiched between the two palms , then let them slip out.
Massaging and stretching the seminal ducts
These techniques will clear the seminal ducts of any obstructions and blockages and generally strengthen them. Ducts are thin , slippery and might remind you of worms. There are two basic techniques to use.
 1.    Massage up and down the ducts very gently, massaging between your thumb and index or middle finger.
2.     Gently pull down on each duct to stretch them. Hold the duct just at the top of each testicle as you play.

The primary female sexual energy massage is the breast massage. Massaging  the breast activates the sexual energy in the ovaries. Every egg cell in the ovaries is covered with thousands of fine, hairlike cilia. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, it is partially a result of these cilia starting to vibrate rapidly. This rapid vibration of the cilia is what causes feelings of sexual energy to begin to emanate from the ovaries. This stimulates your entire sexual region, including your clitoris. This in turn activates the energy of other glands and prgans in the body as the the sea of ten thousand fathoms, your sexual energy rising, floods your whole body. There are many glands relating  to this sexual energy massage such as  the pituitary gland, pineal gland,endocrine gland,  thyroid gland and female hypothalamus etc. The thyroid gland regulates our rate of metabolism, while the parathyroid controls the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body. When both are stimulated ,our ability to speak and communicate improves. The thymus gland shrinks as we age. This thyroid gland is the key to the body’s immune system functioning properly and is the gland of rejuvenation. The adrenal gland’s prime function is to regulate the heart beat and control the “ fight or flight” reflex. When stimulated ,they help to pump sexual energy up the spine to the brain. This increases your sense of pleasure and arousal.
Massaging the gland’s prime function  with sexual energy
  • 1.      Begin  seated . Raise  the tip of the your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  • 2.     Inhale an abdominal breath . Lightly close the lips of your vagina and pull up on the left and right sides of your anus and direct energy to your left and right nipples.
  • 3.     As you inhale, rub your hands together until warm.
  • 4.     Place the index , middle , and ring finger  of each hand over your nipple. Right fingers over right nipple and left fingers on left nipple. The second joint of the middle fingers should be directly over the nipples. Cup the outside of your breasts with your palms.
  • 5.     Circle and massage each breast over and around the nipple, first circle outward and then reserve and circle inward.
  • 6.     You should start feeling your clitoris becoming aroused. The clitoris corresponds with the pineal gland. Feel sexual energy ( sexual sensation) rise to the top of your head (the crown point) . This is the location of  the pineal gland as well as the hypothalamus and thalamus gland.
  • 7.     Return your attention to your breasts, continue massaging your nipples and move your attention to the pituitary gland in the third eye region just behind and slightly above the bridge of your nose . You might feel some pressure in your forehead.
  • 8.     Return your attention to your breasts bringing with it the combined energy of the pineal and pituitary glands. Continue massaging your nipples and move your attention and sexual nergy to the thyroid and parathyroid glands in your throat. Feel these glands expand as if they are blossoming.
  • 9.     Return your attention to your breasts bringing with it the combined energy of the pineal ,pituitary , thyroid and parathyroid glands. Continue massaging your nipples and move your attention and the sexual energy to the thymus gland underneath the upper part of your breastbone . feel your thymus gland expand as if it was bolossoming
  • 10.Return your attention to your breasts bringing with it the combined energies of all the glands. Continue massaging your nipples and move your attention and the sexual energy to the pancreas which runs across the middle of your torso just below the solar plexus.
  • 11.   And many more massage theraphy  are there in order to energize sexual desire.

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