Sunday, 6 January 2013


This is where I (SBP)want every one to be here to discover  himself/herself in a new way. Who I am ? I am SBP. I live within everyone .I remain silent on everyone’s heart or mind. Whenever I get environment I arise and sleep again.You all can not help me live within you for long time. I want to be used fully by you all. Then I can give that boundless pleasure which can keep you away from monotony of life and make you feel the presence of you within you. My object is to give happiness to human being by using nature gift which we get by birth from the God, the almighty.Every one get it but a few can use it properly. I have seen many educated and rich couples failure in the field of making love, as a result they keep losing their faith, love, understanding from each other beside their vast wealth, education and honesty. At the same time , less educated or illiterate or poor couples are very happy in this field beside earning a little. They enjoy their life fully. I know you people cannot share your feelings , your tragedy to anyone. Yes  , it is really a very very sensitive corner which cannot be shared to anyone even your best friends too.I know that very well. But I am telling you – you don’t worry. I am always beside you to help relieve from sex tension. That’s why I  have made this PRANGYAN for all who suffer and have been suffering from this fantastic subject. I am telling you – you will love it and be winner and get your smile back to you. You will get a smily face, peaceful happiness within you all the time. Believe me I am speaking the truth. After a long practice and hard working I have reached here. Something about myself – I have been practicing hot-yoga since my young age under the strict supervision of Hot-yogi, learnt message therapy for near about more than seven years and studied Ayurveda specially on the field of sex therapy besides practicing Indian Shasta –Kama Sutra and Ranga Anga. To be honest I want to share everything to you all from what I have learnt till now with the blessings of my Gurus. By the help of yoga and message therapy I will make you feel the state which you never ever tasted yet.
Remember: I am not going to encourage pandering or vulgarity, I will try to bring ,in your life, a kind of regularity. Follow me  , I am going to take you my Prangyan- SEX BHOG PRANGYAN - THE ULTIMATE GOAL.

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Phone Number. 9874160644  (Bengali or Hindi) From 10am to 7pm and 9pm to 11pm
Guru Dakshina Starting only Rs.9999/-(Fees) ,

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