Sunday, 20 January 2013

The Things You Can Do After Sexual Intercourse

You should not fall asleep after sexual intercourse because there are many things you can do.

After sexual intercourse put away the condom

After sexual intercourse the condom is of course full of semen. Instead of letting it lie beside the bed or on the floor, where it does not look hygienic, you should wrap it up and put in in the trash can. This is especially important in case you have sexual intercourse with someone who is not your partner. In this way you remove the evidence and the partner will not find out you were cheating. Besides, a bed without used condoms lying on it looks more attractive and clean and also ready for new sexual intercourse.

Go to the toilet after the sexual intercourse

Lots of couples have the need to urinate after sexual intercourse and there`s nothing wrong with that. If you have to go, then go. Urinating after sexual intercourse is especially advisable for women because it protects from infections or bacteria. If you are still horny after sexual intercourse, you can continue and hold the urine on purpose, which will give you extra pleasure during penetration.

Have something to eat after sexual intercourse

If you are not a smoker, you will surely want to eat something after sexual intercourse. Have something light , let`s say a fruit or a candy. The food can also be a part of a new foreplay because you and your partner can eat it completely naked. Even if you are obsessed with cleanliness do not spoil the pleasure of eating in bed.

After sexual intercourse you can make the bed

If the sexual intercourse was wild and passionate, the bed is probably messy. Do not fall asleep on a bed like this. Make the bed, open the windows and let the fresh air in. The bed will look attractive again and ready for a new round.

After sexual intercourse take a shower together

Some couples like to lie in bed together and smell their partner`s sweat while others like to take a shower and freshen up. Why take a shower alone if you can do it together with your partner. It can be a great foreplay which will surely lead to new sexual intercourse.

After sexual intercourse have another one

It may sound a bit silly, but why would you have sexual intercourse only once if you can have it twice. If you are more horny that your partner, you can give initiative and start with a new foreplay.

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