Sunday, 13 January 2013

Intimate Union


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The following sex positions are made for sensual sessions in
front of a log fire, love-ins in a four-poster bed, or making out
in a summer meadow… or the good old-fashioned bedroom.
They are chosen with romance, intimacy, and soul-melding
in mind. Think tantric rather than torrid.
Here you can sample the nose-to-nose cuteness of Butterflies
in Flight, the gloriously intimate Singing Monkey, and the
delights of the provocatively named Cat and Mouse Sharing
a Hole. But don’t rely on the position alone to keep up that
romantic intensity; continue with the smoldering eye contact
and fingertip caresses.
In the same way that you’d choose the right wine to go with
a delicious meal, choose the right sex strokes to go with the
position. For example, deep thrusting might work wonderfully
in The Stopperage, but be uncomfortable in Coitus from Behind.
You can extend your repertoire of sex strokes by learning some
ancient thrusting techniques in The Movements of Sex.

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