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Strengthen your chakras for better sexual intercourse


Strengthen the chakras to increase endurance during sexual intercourse and intensify your orgasms.

What are chakras?
The word chakra stems from Sanskrit and means wheel/disc. Chakras were first mentioned in the Upanishads, which were passed by word of mouth from generation to generation for a thousand years before being written down around 1200 to 900 BC. In simple terms – chakras are energy whirlpools which lie along our spine on the energy body and are responsible for physical functions of the organs that are in the vicinity.
There are seven main chakras: the crown, brow, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base chakra.

Svadisthana and Muladhara chakras
Even though Svadisthana is the chakra that’s mostly connected to sexuality, the base chakra is very close, only about the length of two fingers underneath it. The flow of energy has to be good through the base chakra in order for the sacral (sexual) chakra to even happen.
The sacral chakra is situated below the bellybutton and just above the genitals. It’s connected to the reproductive organs, ovaries, prostate and tongue. This part is also connected to the subconscious, emotions, learning and creativity.
Situated two fingers beneath it, somewhere on the last vertebra, is the base chakra or Muladhara, which is connected to the anus and legs – if your feet are always cold or you feel you don’t have any roots, you don’t feel safe, this means that your Muladhara is weak.

The basic exercise for strengthening the base chakra: Mula bandha
Sit in a comfortable position. Before starting the exercise, exhale all the air out of your lungs. Pull the muscles of the pelvic floor up to the bellybutton. First, try squeezing the anal and genital muscles, then pull your crotch upwards. Inhale and count to six (or ten, depending on how long your lungs allow it) and exhale for six seconds. Repeat the exercise five to ten times.
Exercise for the sacral chakra: Vajroli/sahjoli mudra
Vajroli mudra is an exercise performed by men. When they master it, they should be able to keep all their sexual energy even if ejaculation occurs. The exercise is similar to the previous one, but with the addition of breathing and visualization.
Sit comfortably (“Indian style”), your hands are on your thighs. Vajroli mudra actually means squeezing the muscles to hold urine; so pay attention to the sphincter near the pubic bone at the base of the penis. Breathe in through the nose, pull the energy upwards on the spine; hold your breath at the brow chakra, the “third eye”, and pull your sexual organs up by contracting the muscles of your pelvic floor and the muscles in the lower part of the stomach: you’ll know you’re on the right track because the head of the penis is raised every time. Repeat the contractions ten times and hold your breath while doing it. Breathe out through the nose during the tenth repetition, then inhale slowly and relax. This exercise awakens Svadisthana and increases potency.

The female variety, sahjoli, features an exercise similar to Kegel exercises, with the breathing being the same as described above. The exercises supposedly help preserve sexual energy and you get more intense orgasms as a “side product”. Even if you don’t believe in chakras, the increased blood flow to the genitals can’t harm you, but it can heighten your sensitivity and increase your pleasure and endurance. 

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